Erva Biosciences-ZERO THC CBD


Because More than 70% of Consumers Want Their CBD Without Any THC!
CBD for the Mainstream

Legal CBD, with ZERO THC, is what consumers and major retailers are asking for, but it remains outside of their reach.


Erva Biosciences Botanicals’ proprietary Erva Biosciences-ZERO comes from legal agricultural hemp tested grown in the EU and proven for low levels of THC prior to extraction. Erva Biosciences performs three supercritical CO2 extraction runs to isolate and eliminate even trace THC. Post production testing is performed by at least three independent labs to confirm non-detect THC down to 10 parts per million before we offer the batches for sale. We guaranty there is no THC in our ingredient. If you formulated using Erva Biosciences-ZERO, you can be confident there will be no THC scandal with your customers.
total cannabinoids measured

Exclusively from Erva Biosciences

High Concentration CBD: With an average of 70% CBD and never any THC, Erva Biosciences-ZERO is the premium CBD ingredient on the market today. Erva Biosciences Botanicals the only company in the U.S. offering a bulk, wholesale, 0% THC CBD ingredient.

Cannabinoid Profile


CBD concentration ranges from 50 80%. The actual CBD is largely dependent on nature, but batches are customizable.

THC is always non-detect, meaning below 10 ppm.

distribution of cannabinoids


Color and Texture

Color ranges from amber to gold.

Viscosity at room temperature is waxy and turn to a liquid oil at 52°C. Erva Biosciences-ZERO dissolves readily in most oil based carriers, hemp seed oil, medium chain triglyceride, canola, etc.

amber color

Farming and Geneology

The hemp for Erva Biosciences-ZERO is grown outdoors in the Netherland. Hemp varieties are Finola, Futura and Fedora all legal agricultural hemp seed sold by Cooperative Centrale Des Producteures de Semences de Chanvre (CCPSC) (France) and appearing in the EU Register of Certified Hemp Varieties.

The plant are non-GMO. While not certified organic, organic farming is used: no fertilizers, no pesticides or herbicides


Initial extraction is performed by a cGMP food processing facility in Germany.

Further refinement includes 2 supercritical CO2 extraction runs; the first to remove waxes, oil and chlorophyll, and a second to isolate and remove THC.

No solvents are used at any time during the production of Erva Biosciences- ZERO. From field to shipping from Erva Biosciences’s warehouse, your product never comes in contact with any chemical other than the ultra-clean CO2 in the supercritical extraction unit.

Whole Plant Extract 


Erva Biosciences-ZERO should not be confused with single molecule CBD isolate. Single molecule isolate is 95-100% CBD and comes in a crystalline form. Obviously, isolate also has 0% THC. Erva Biosciences-ZERO is whole plant hemp extract with THC removed. Thus, it contains all the other hemp plant constituent parts which many believe to be part of the whole-plant health entourage.




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