Erva Biosciences Sample Pack

Erva Biosciences Zero THC CBD (6 capsules)


Erva Biosciences delivers high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) from legal agricultural hemp tested grown in the EU and proven for low levels of THC prior to extraction.

Erva Biosciences then performs three supercritical CO2 extraction runs to isolate and eliminate even trace amounts of THC. Post-production testing is performed by at least three independent labs to confirm non-detection of THC down to 10 parts per million before we offer the batches for sale.

We guarantee there is no THC in our extracts.

10 milligrams CBD per capsule.


Erva Biosciences Sports Balm (5ml/10mg Zero THC CBD)

For muscle/joints aches and pains.

Erva Biosciences zero THC CBD Sports Balm is cooling to the skin and soothes the muscles and joints aches and pains from the stresses placed on your body when it's pushed to its limits. 




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