Our Mission:

We believe that it is now both possible and necessary for people to dramatically recover from the stresses we put on our bodies through our daily lives. One way we have found that helps are superfoods such as blue green algae and zero THC Cannabidiol (CBD). Our mission is to help build a global alliance of responsible, empowered individuals and like minded groups dedicated to making this vision a reality.


Our Principles and Promises:

Collaborative Spirit - This new kind of science depends upon sharing research and results with honesty, rigor and respect.

Integrity - We say what we mean and we mean what we say. Congruence, truthfulness, and clarity.

Humility - If you know what you are doing and can play nicely with others, it doesn’t matter what your rank is.

Honest work for a fair wage - We use the best techniques of modern business to deliver on our mission. Mission centered, profit supported.


Our Approach:

Until recently, the state of science was inadequate to address all the interrelated variables in a system as complex as the human mind and body.

With the advent of applied complex systems science, we now have a framework sophisticated enough to model the relationship between all the desired states we would like to inhabit, the underlying biochemical processes that regulate those states, and the most promising and effective technologies to optimize those systems.

Our core focus is on developing an alternative approach capable of generating insights and scientific breakthroughs through our products.

Meet Erva Biosciences:

ERVA Biosciences produces the most comprehensive, effective CBD product in the world today. With the most qualified ingredients, ERVA’s formulation has been designed to amplify all the aspects that matter most for optimal performance and recovery functions.