Just how do you know... Really?

(How do you KNOW you are absorbing MOST of the CBD you pay for?)

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Like we said, before you choose a CBD product, you might want to know if it can effectively assimilate into your system.


* Despite the fact that CBD is vital to the human body, (and actually sought out by receptors IN our bodies), it is not readily absorbed.


So how do you know if you're getting a good bang for your buck?


* If most of a product isn't absorbed by your body, how cost effective is that?


You may already know that CBD is powerful. Maybe you've read that it creates balance in the body, or heard about the studies that show it helps with many health problems. You've heard it's "expensive".


All true.


Maybe you've experienced it for yourself, as a tincture, or an isolate, or a "full-spectrum" oil.


So, here are some facts on how much of it is ACTUALLY getting into your body

There are several ways to get CBD into the bloodstream - we list them here in order of least to MOST bio-available.



So in other words, when you buy a $100 bottle of CBD and swallow it til it's empty, at best only $20 of it went into your bloodstream, and $80 worth... into the toilet. Ouch.


2) SUBLINGUAL. (under the tongue) Bio-availability 10%-35%. The thin tissues of the floor of your mouth soak up liquids and transmit them, like a paper towel on a puddle. But they do this much better if it's something water soluble... Not so well with oils. Which is what CBD is.


3) VAPORIZED CONSUMPTION, ( inhaling into lungs). Bio-availability tests have shown 34% to 46%. But not all of us enjoy smoking, and many of us are concerned about harmful by-products inhaled in e-vaping.


4) HYPODERMIC INTRAVENOUS INJECTION. (Needles!) Well if we define bio-available as "that which enters the bloodstream", then voilà, we have solved the problem. Your CBD is now in your bloodstream. All of it.


But since most of us wouldn't care to stick ourselves with a needle on a daily basis, what is a better option?




Experience the highest rate of CBD absorption.


ERVA BIOSCIENCES uses a technology developed for medical/pharmaceutical purposes to increase the bio-availability and effectiveness of certain drugs that are not water soluble, but are administered orally. It's called "S-EDDS".


This means Erva CBD encapsulated oils are self-emulsifying. And WAY more bioavailable than any ordinary CBD. In this particular form, CBD is up to 500 times more potent.

Oh yeah, we also use only full-spectrum whole hemp oils to start with.

Your bloodstream will thank you.


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