I Think I'd Like to Try That...

My life changed in an Instant...

Car Accident: Our van got T-boned by a car doing over 70mph. I ended up with 4 broken ribs, a head injury, and was black and blue over MOST of my body. When I got home, I was on a cocktail of pain meds around the clock

A trusted friend suggested Erva Products, and I started using the Blue-Green Algae, the Transdermal Cream, and then added the Sports Balm in a few days later.
On day 1, I had no energy, couldn’t think clearly and couldn’t go without meds every 4 hours.
By day 8 while taking the Blue-Green algae, I gained calming energy, my head became much clearer, and I could ditch the pain meds sometimes. I was even able to unload the dishwasher!

One day I was feeling so much better, I forgot to take the pills AND put the cream on, then the pain came back with a vengeance…my head felt so foggy, and the calming energy was just gone! (I recovered quickly when I remembered to take the pills and add in the creams). :)
While testing the Transdermal cream and the Sports Balm…in between meds… (I put it on one side of my broken ribs, and not the other.) Almost instantly, the pain eased with EACH of the creams. 
The cooling effect with the Sports Balm is divine…AND using them together…YAAS!! But IF I had to choose just ONE… I’d have to go with the Transdermal. I think that one works best with my type of injuries.
PS I’m so skin sensitive, these didn’t even break me out or anything!
It’s been 2 weeks, and all things considered… (with 4 broken ribs), I feel pretty darn good!
UPDATE: I replaced Blue-Green Algae with their Synergy recently (just to see)... because it seems to do all the same stuff...PLUS...
OMG! I think I love That one even MORE! 😉
SusieQ N. (Central Florida)



(I eat well and exercise) I was SO baffled when I got GOUT!

A few months ago I woke up with a very painful gout episode in my left toe joint. It spread to my heel, Achilles and ankle. I couldn't even walk a few feet to the bathroom. I eat well and exercise often, so was baffled that I got gout!
The CEO of ERVA Biosciences recommended I apply ice, and ERVA CBD Sports Balm as well as the Transdermal CBD Cream (ZERO THC!).

So I did.  
Then I took a few supplements: Hydrilla Verticillata (a superfood with 6 kinds of B Vitamins and bioavailable calcium) and a powdered CBD pill with Zero THC.

Guess what?  The pain left! I could walk and sleep without any pain medsNo long recovery like others have had to go through...  I won't be caught without these products anymore.

As a holistic health professional, I have always taken high-quality supplements but these products seem to beat them all. Consequently, I've replaced some... and eliminated others entirely.
Thank you ERVA Biosciences.  I am sooooo grateful!
Alicia N. (Northern California)



Back Pain for over 20 years ...I was feeling Hopeless...

I’ve had moderate to severe back pain for over 20 years plus back surgery in 1994. I have had to manage my life with strong pain meds.  I was able to finally cut back on meds like morphine until I had two bad falls last year. The pain was simply UNBEARABLE! 

After that, I was bedridden for two weeks and could only sit or stand 5 minutes at a time but not without excruciating pain.  Truth is, I have degenerative disc disease and curvature of the spine (scoliosis).  I was feeling pretty hopeless thinking that I could not endure this much longer especially with my professional work as a Pet-Sitter.

A good friend that I pet sit for, sent me some samples of ERVA CBD Transdermal Cream and CBD sports balm. I had tried so many other creams and supplements with no effect so I didn’t think this would help. To my surprise within 5 minutes of applying the creams the back burning and aching let-up considerably.   With time and using it everyday, my back is not hurting nearly as bad and I’m able to stay out of bed most of the day.  I LOVE the cooling effect of the Sports Balm and the two creams give me hours of relief. 

I also started taking their CBD pills and am able to pet-sit again and function with far less pain and inflammation!  Grateful to my good friend for introducing me to these products. 

Christina R. (Northern California)